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Find undetected auto and workers’ compensation payment sources

IntellivoSM technology locates hidden motor vehicle accident and workers’ compensation payment sources and automates an end-to-end complex claim process through to payment. Used by health systems, providers, large specialty groups, and billing companies to increase reimbursements, identify insurance coverage for property and casualty claims, and facilitate a hands-off end-to-end approach, Intellivo removes the complexity of payment on complex claims.

Are you ready to increase revenue on complex claims?

Why use Intellivo as your motor vehicle and workers’ compensation eligibility and billing solution?

Intellivo’s connections with P&C clearinghouses provides real-time P&C eligibility for previously undetected as third-party liability payment opportunities, representing more than 70 million annual provider visits nationwide. Intellivo search for coverage does not stop on day one. Instead, Intellivo continues searching for coverage until timely filing limitations set in. More coverage, higher payments, and assurance you are not missing any payment opportunities.

Find undetected auto and workers’ compensation payment sources

59% of compensable motor vehicle claims are mistakenly billed to the primary and not billed to the appropriate P&C payer. Intellivo locates any undetected motor vehicle and WC eligible claims to ensure the proper payer reimburses you quickly.

Turn write offs to revenue

Avoid early outs and reclaim revenue normally lost from self-pay accounts through increased identification of third-party liability payment opportunities for complex claims. With Intellivo, your teams can offload detection and management of these claims gaining back valuable time and staff savings.

Add a risk-free safety net

Intellivo serves as the safety net for your current billing process. Without disruption, Intellivo continuously searches and identifies eligibility sources for higher payment on all patient visits, even if the bill has already been sent to the primary payer. You will see reduction in administrative costs, increase payments on motor vehicle and workers’ compensation claims, and ensure all denials and attachment requests are handled by Intellivo’s technology.

Driven by a team of experts with decades of experience, Intellivo successfully navigates complex legal structures and negotiations

Leverage Intellivo’s technology and expertise to drive higher annual reimbursements.

70 million+

annual patient visits represented by providers with recovery activities

Up to 300%

improvement on TPL reimbursements

4 out of 5

we serve 4 out of the 5 top ED management companies

Intellivo’s motor vehicle and workers’ compensation insurance eligibility identification and end-to-end recovery solution for providers and billers is designed to serve:

  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) partners
  • Provider staffing organizations
  • Specialty provider practices
  • Hospital systems and large provider practices

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