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Identify more undetected TPL claims to maximize total bill charges

At Intellivo, we identify more undetected property and casualty, motor vehicle accidents (MVA), and workers’ compensation payment opportunities for hospital systems and providers, staffing organizations, and revenue cycle management companies (RCMs) with our leading-edge technology to discover, investigate, and return resolution. Our technology locates and initiates more TPL-eligible claims, recovers higher payment of billed rates, and optimizes revenue for your organization.

Are you ready to increase your bill rate and discover more TPL payment opportunities?

Why carve out your TPL claims investigations to Intellivo?

Our technology-driven approach and direct connections with TPL clearinghouses allow us to locate potential recoveries previously undetected as TPL payment opportunities, representing more than 70 million annual provider visits nationwide. We continuously cross-reference third-party liability claims and policy data against all patient visits regardless of the billing stage. Our technology ensures prompt identification and accurate submission to TPL carriers, delivering higher payment rates from TPL payers not subject to network discounts.

Find undetected TPL claims

Our experience over the past two decades shows that more than 59% of TPL accounts receiving payments that were eligible to be paid by MVA policies are not coded or designated by the provider as such due to a lack of data from patients during time of care.  At Intellivo, we identify previously undetected TPL claims at a national scale with our leading-edge technology and algorithms.

Add a risk-free safety net

Intellivo serves as the safety net for your current billing process. Without disruption, we will continuously search and identify sources for higher payment on all patient visits, even if the bill has already been sent to the primary payer. When you trust TPL claims identification and management to Intellivo, your administrative costs go down, and your opportunity for higher payment increases without decreasing payment opportunities from a primary payer.

Optimize revenue

Our provider partners capture a higher recovery-to-bill rate because our TPL payers are not part of negotiated network discounts like health plans. At Intellivo, we can get up to 100% of what’s billed back to the provider.

Our team of experts have decades of experience and understand the complex legal structures of this business

Leverage Intellivo’s technology and expertise to drive higher annual reimbursements.

70 million+

annual patient visits represented by providers with recovery activities

Up to 300%

improvement on reimbursements over internal efforts alone

4 out of 5

we serve 4 out of the 5 top ED management companies

Our TPL identification and recovery solution for providers and billers is designed to serve:

  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) partners
  • Provider staffing organizations
  • Specialty provider practices
  • Hospital systems and large provider practices

Frequently asked questions about pre-bill third-party liability claims

Intellivo’s third-party liability (TPL) and workers’ compensation identification and recovery helps healthcare billing organizations identify and resolve accounts and recover higher reimbursements from third-party liability episodes of care including workers’ compensation policies.

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