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Maximize recoveries from third-party liability subrogation

At Intellivo, we work with third-party administrators (TPAs), self-insured health plan employers, and benefits consultants to identify all episodes of care (EOC) and TPL claims eligible for reimbursement. With our team of legal experts and leading-edge technology, we provide faster, higher payments and increase the number of returns without any member disruption. Your post-pay process doesn’t need to change; at Intellivo, we do the work behind the scenes and bring you higher monthly recoveries.

Are you ready to maximize recoveries from TPL subrogation cases with zero member contact?

Why carve out your TPL subrogation to Intellivo?

Find undetected cases

We drive higher case identification rates, faster initiation of recovery actions, and—most importantly—higher recoveries through our IntellivoIQ technology which actively seeks out information through our unique data sources to build more complete cases.

Rely on our experience

With more than 25 years of subrogation legal experience, we leverage our expertise to consider all possibilities in each case, push back on unwarranted reduction requests, and negotiate maximum recoveries.

Zero member contact

Unlike the traditional process of contacting members with confusing questionnaires and phone calls, our technology identifies subrogation opportunities and recoverable sources without member contact.

More than 130 of the nation’s largest self-insured employers and TPAs turn to Intellivo


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self-insured employers, health plans, and TPA client health plans

Our TPL identification and recovery solution for health plans and administrators is designed to serve:

  • Third-party administrators (TPAs)
  • Self-insured health plan employers
  • Benefits consultants

Frequently asked questions about health plan subrogation

Subrogation for health plans involves the process through which a health plan seeks reimbursement for medical expenses it has covered when a third party is found responsible for causing the injuries or health issues that led to those expenses.

By seeking reimbursement from responsible third parties, self-insured health plans and third-party administrators can minimize financial losses, keep insurance premiums more manageable, and ensure costs are borne by the appropriate parties. This process allows self-insured health plans and third-party administrators to maintain the financial stability necessary to continue providing comprehensive healthcare coverage to their beneficiaries.

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